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Wine and Art - February 25, 2017

The annual Wine and Art Party is a fun, local, event, held in Conway, AR.  It is sponsored by many local businesses including Larry's Pizza in Conway and Clark Trim and Henrik Thostrup, owners of Colonial Wines and Spirits in Little Rock, and chaired by Dr. Anne Trussell and husband Larry and features artists Steve and Vivian Griffith. All proceeds from the Wine and Art Party are donated to the Children's Tumor Foundation to advance the mission to End NF. 


Join us for the 4th Annual Wine and Art Party - February 25, 2017

Hosted by Larry and Anne Trussell

Featuring original artwork by Steve and Vivian Griffith

The Griffiths are providing 100 original 8X10 pieces of artwork. These pieces are available to the first 100 people who purchase a ticket for $100. (You do not have to be present to receive your artwork). The regular tickets (that do not include artwork) are $25. Unlike some fundraisers, there is no overhead for this event. 100% of the proceeds goes to the Chldren's Tumor Foundation thanks to our generous donors!

Our mission is to raise awareness and research funds to help find a cure for neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disease that affects 1:3000 births. NF causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body, including the brain and spinal cord. These tumors can lead to disfigurement, pain, scoliosis, learning disabilities, blindness, deafness, and some tumors can become cancerous. And some people may actually look normal while this disease wreaks havoc in their bodies. There is no cure. However, with advances in research over the last few decades, we have made great strides in treatment to improve the quality and quantity of life for those affected. I know that we can also find a cure!

We will have great raffle items again this year! A new feature will be our Wine Stopper Game! Steve Griffith will again be creating a live painting for silent auction! There will be fabulous music, food and wine! And we are so blessed and thankful for Pam McDowell's generosity in letting us host Wine and Art Party 2017 at McDowell Properties this year! 

For more information, please visit our Facebook page.